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Police and Fire
The Police and Fire Departments provide the primary safety functions in Ontario.

The City is committed to protecting life, property and commerce from impacts associated with man-made and natural hazards, disasters and other threats to public safety.  Natural hazards that could impact Ontario include seismic, flood, fire, and wind.  Man-made hazards include hazardous materials, noise and crime.  A clear management framework for emergency services for law enforcement and fire and rescue services is essential to adequately plan for and respond to these hazards.


The Safety Element:

  • Identifies potential hazards.
  • Provides policies that minimize potential dangers to residents, businesses, workers and visitors.
  • Provides policies to reduce the level of property loss due to a potential disaster.
  • Provides guidance on the approach to emergency management.


We believe:
  • It is the role of government to minimize exposure to natural and man-made hazards.
  • A safe environment is necessary to build and maintain a sustainable and prosperous Ontario.
  • Reduction in the loss of life, injury, private property damage, infrastructure damage, economic losses and social dislocation can be achieved through planning and preparedness.
  • Interdepartmental and inter-jurisdictional coordination and collaboration are necessary to be prepared for, respond to and recover from everyday and disaster emergencies.

Safety Element Sections

S1 Seismic & Geologic Hazards
S2 Flood Hazards
S3 Fire & Rescue Hazards
S4 Noise Hazards
S5 Wind-related Hazards
S6 Hazardous Materials & Waste
S7 Law Enforcement
S8 Emergency Management

Reference Materials are not part of the Policy Plan
Hazard Mitigation Plan (2011)
Building & Safety Codes
1. Existing Conditions Report
2. Safety Element Technical Report
4. Fire Services Master Plan
5. Police Services Master Plan





Ontario is Improving Your Chances of Surviving a Heart Attack


                                            Acute Myocardial Infarction (heart attack) remains the leading cause of death in adults in the United States.  Similar to trauma patients, the data demonstrates that the survival from a heart attack is largely dependent upon prompt recognition and transport to facilities demonstrating the ability and commitment to provide rapid care with the proper resources.  In 2009, the Inland Counties Emergency Medical Agency (ICEMA) developed a regional system, in accordance with American Heart Association guidelines, that provides for rapid identification and transportation of acutely ill patients to specialized cardiac care centers.

Without delay the Ontario Fire Department began taking a leading role within this regional system, partnering with our local cardiac care center, San Antonio Community Hospital.  Through collaborative efforts Ontario Fire Department Paramedics have been able to meet system objectives by recognizing, treating and delivering acutely ill heart attack patients to a specialized cardiac care center within 30 minutes of identification.  These efforts in turn support the cardiac care centers objectives of performing cardiac catheterization procedures within 90 minutes of arrival in the emergency room.   These mutual objectives have greatly improved a patients chance of survival.

The Ontario Fire Department is proud to announce that during calendar years 2010 and 2011, nearly 50 individuals have been saved from a life threatening heart attack in our community.




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